Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Internet Connection Wipe Out: Scientists Warn The Consequences Of A Solar Superstorm

Internet Connection Wipe Out: Scientists Warn The Consequences Of A Solar Superstorm

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Alarming the whole world with the possible consequences of the outburst of solar flares, international scientists predicted a possible hindrance to communication lines, especially the internet, due to the solar superstorm.

This November, Professor Peter Becker from George Mason University disclosed their discovery of the increasing solar activity in the sun recently, which could possibly affect the internet and power supply across the globe.

The solar storm was described by scientists as a phenomenon wherein the sun produces huge bursts of energy through solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), which are delivered to Earth through electrical charges and magnetic fields.

With its high impact on CMEs, the said scenario can cause disruptions in electronic communications, including internet connections.

According to Becker, this kind of scenario had already been experienced before in 1859, which was named the “Carrington Event,” wherein the CME reached the Earth’s surface, resulting in the disruption of telegraph systems and auroral displays.

“Some operators got electrocuted because the wires ended up carrying high voltage, which they were never supposed to do, but the magnetic field variations became so strong it almost became a generator system and drove these currents down telegraph wires,” Becker said.

The said checking of the solar superstorm can somehow be related to detecting earthquakes, as they cannot take control of the situation with something to happen; hence, Professor Becker predicted that something can really happen during the next decade that can literally wipe out the internet.

With this alarming scenario, Professor Becker and his team are currently monitoring the situation of the sun and its flares, as they can reach the Earth within 8 minutes and can affect the magnetic field disruption for at least 18 to 24 hours.

The possible disruption of the internet and power supply will not only affect every individual’s life but can also reflect on the economy of each country, noting that the majority of businesses around the world depend on online media.

According to studies and professionals, the best way to prevent the hindrance on the power supply and communications lines can only be done when there is a forecast of when this can happen for individuals to shut down the grids before the flares strike the Earth.