Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Filipinos Urged To Live Responsibly For A Climate Change-Resilient PH

Filipinos Urged To Live Responsibly For A Climate Change-Resilient PH

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The Climate Change Commission (CCC) on Friday called on Filipinos to take part in the government’s goal to achieve a climate change-resilient Philippines by living responsibly daily.

In a media forum, CCC Vice Chairperson and Executive Director Robert E.A. Borje emphasized that while climate change must be addressed globally, the issue requires solutions at the community and individual or personal level.

“Itakwil natin ang ginagawa (Let us renounce the) culture of waste and irresponsibility, pagiging waldas, walang pakialam sa ating (squandering, unmindful of our) waste and responsibility,” he said during the media launch of the 16th Annual Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week at the Cabel Restaurant in Manila.

“Maging matipid tayo sa tubig, sa enerhiya, maging ayos tayo sa ating pamumuhay, maging responsable tayo (Let us conserve water, energy. Let us lead a good life, and be responsible).”

Noting that climate change issues interconnect different sectors of the community, Borje said the youth, who are the leaders of the next generation, must also be encouraged to understand climate change and to take part in taking appropriate action.

“Also, inter-faith organizations play an important role in addressing, responding to climate change. When there’s a disaster or calamity, the ones that respond to it usually are faith-based organizations,” he said.

Borje also pointed out that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has issued a provision for the Philippines to be climate change-resilient and remain a responsible member of the international community performing its obligations.

Meanwhile, CCC Commissioner Albert dela Cruz said Filipinos must understand the effects of what they are doing at home, in the office, and on the streets to the country as far as climate change is concerned.

“We need a whole society approach, ‘bayanihan’ (cooperation) for climate change, observing natural-based solutions. Kung mainit, buksan ang mga bintana, patayin na ang aircon (If it’s hot, open the windows, turn off the air conditioner),” dela Cruz said.

“We are discussing all these in layman’s term, so all of us will understand that all we’re doing wlll make us ‘bayani’ (heroes). We do all of these, we’ll have harvest, ani.”

Apart from increasing public awareness of pertinent issues, Climate Consciousness Week, which will be celebrated from Nov. 19 to 25, seeks to educate people about the policies and best practices for capacitating local government units to be disaster-resilient and become green cities.

It also aims to look into ways how the private sector could invest in the implementation of policies leading to a country irrepressible by climate change. (PNA)