Sunday, April 14, 2024
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PBBM: Unity Vital In Battling Global Warming, Climate Change

President Marcos Jr. calls for unity in the face of global warming and climate change, urging us all to be involved in creating solutions for a better future.

Climate Change Commission Week 2023 Kicks Off With Commitment To Net Zero Carbon Dioxide

The Climate Change Commission kicks off the Net Zero Challenge, offsetting carbon emissions and reducing disaster risks through tree planting.

Cagayan De Oro City Council Allots PHP220 Million For 2024 Solid Waste Management Program

Councilor Abaday emphasizes the need for waste segregation compliance, stating it can save resources for local governments, the PHP220M budget approved for 2024.

DENR, US EPA Unite Vs. Climate, Human Health Challenges

The Philippines and the United States strengthened environmental ties with a five-year memorandum, fostering collaboration for science-informed policies and resilient green growth.

CCC, UN Women, UNEP Collaborate To Bolster Women’s Climate Resilience

The Climate Change Commission is associated with different organizations to promote the essence of women in tackling climate change actions.

Internet Connection Wipe Out: Scientists Warn The Consequences Of A Solar Superstorm

International scientists warn of potential global internet blackout as solar superstorm threatens communication and power grids, urgent monitoring underway.

Negros Occidental Offers Cash To LGUs With Zero Defecation Status

Negros Occidental government rewards local government units for achieving zero open defecation status, a major step towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

CCC Pushes For Zero Carbon Neutrality To Achieve Climate-Positive PH

The Philippines’ Climate Change Commission is exploring partnerships with environmental consulting services to boost carbon reduction projects and achieve net zero carbon neutrality by 2050.

CCC, Nestlé PH, And GMA Network Unite To Address Climate Change

In a collaborative effort in the Philippines toward net-zero goals, the Climate Change Commission, Nestlé PH, and the GMA Network fostered partnerships, climate awareness, and sustainable development for a resilient future.

PH’s 1st ‘Green Justice Zone’ Launched To Handle Environmental Cases

The Philippines launched its first ‘Green Justice Zone’ in Palawan, focusing on legal services for environmental issues.